About me

tessyveranoI am an associate professor (docent) of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at Stockholm University (SU) in Sweden since February 2003.

My research belongs to the research field of human-computer interaction (HCI) and more in particular to the field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). I am interested in the relationship between writing, meaning and technology from socio-cultural and critical perspectives of literacy and tool use. I work with a particular focus on design, adoption and use of technologies for participatory and collaborative purposes. I have after my sabbatical at UCI developed a special interest in issues pertaining to information technology and sustainability in HCI. I lead the research group on Critical Computing (CRITIC) and since January 2016 I am the head of Interaction Design and Learning  (IDEAL) research unit at the Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University.

Prior to joining Stockholm University in 2003, I was post-doc (forskarassistent) researcher at IPLAB-NADA at the Royal Institute of Technology. And before moving to Sweden in August 1999, I was a Ph D student at the University of Paris 8 (Department of Cognition and Work-oriented activities) and at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Lyon, France. My dissertation, “Collaborative networked activities: An instrumental approach to collaborative writing”, dealt with the problem of appropriating computer tools for collaborative writing activities and my principal advisor was Professor Pierre Rabardel. I defended my dissertation in Cognitive Psychology in December 1999 and I obtained the highest degree of the five possible degrees within the French educational system.

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