Call for Participation. Workshop on “Designing for Digital interactive Arts and Performance”


This one-day workshop will be held as part of the DIS 2014 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, held in Vancouver, Canada 21-25 June.

Please direct all enquiries to: Chiara Rossitto, Stockholm University –

Important Dates

  • Submission by: **Extended! March 21 2014**
  • Notification of acceptance: 31 March 2014
  • Camera Ready Copy: 20 April 2014
  • Workshop day:  22 June 2014

Scope. Novel location based technologies allow us to mobilize artistic performances by, for instance, providing opportunities for moving drama into the broader stage of the city. Thus, instead of experiencing a play within enclosed stage, the audience can be taken outside where the cityscape becomes the scenography for the play. However, designing for such interactive experiences raises challenges both in terms of technology design and narrative development.

This workshop addresses problems and opportunities in the space of arts and performances within a technologically oriented environment. It focuses on how the design and development of artistic experiences, facilitated by collaborative technologies, can be done within a very dynamic and interdisciplinary setting, where significant collaboration is needed between researchers, technologists and artists.

We aim to attract researchers, technology designers, interaction designers and technology-oriented artists, to gain a variety of views and approaches to discuss throughout the day.

Submissions. We invite scholars and practitioners, actively involved and interested in exploring the use and design of technologies for interactive arts. to submit 2-4 pages position papers following the ACM Extended Abstract Format (see

Contributions may address a range of topics including:

  • Technology development and design for artistic experiences,
  • Exploration of the impact that research on interactive technology can have on the analysis and design of artistic experiences and theatrical performances,
  • Experiences in technology facilitated arts and theatrical performances,
  • Examination of settings wherein such experiences can occur,
  • Theoretical and methodological related to the study of digital interactive arts and performances,

Submissions should be sent in PDF format to

For more information, please visit :

In addition to the position papers, participants can also submit demos or other interactive material, as well as proposals for plays or other artistic performances.

All workshop participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the main conference.


Louise Barkhuus, Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University.

Chiara Rossitto, Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University.

Rebecca Forsberg, RATS Theater and Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University.

Tessy Cerratto Pargman, Dept. of Computer and Systems sciences, Stockholm University and University of California Irvine.

Emilie Møllenback, IT University of Copenhagen.

Stuart Reeves, Mixed Reality Lab at the School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham.

Jarmo Laaksolahti, Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), Sweden.