Is there a European Strand of Sustainability? @NORDICHi 2014

I have attended the workshop organised by Daniel Pargman, Elina Ericksson, Bran Knowles, Maria Håkansson, Cecilia Katzeff, Chris Priest.

We were 9 presenters, all of us seem to be on the same page as nobody was interested in  persuasive nor ambient technologies or any kind of technical cure to the issues raised by the triple crisis ( economic, environmental and energy). Many position papers focused on energy consumption and resource scarcity while mine concentrated on what we can learn from communities such as Transition Towns which are a place where people are reinventing their everyday practices. I’ve enjoyed the Pecha-kucha and the fish-bowl techniques for small group interaction and I was astonished by participants’ engagement and sharp thinking. Here a link with all our personal statements.