Co-organising LIMITS’2015- The First Workshop on Computing within Limits

I am so proud and happy to be part of this great initiative led by Barath Raghavan, ICSI, California, USA, Daniel Pargman, KTH-Sweden and Bonnie Nardi,UCI, California, USA.

LIMITS 2015 aims to foster discussion on the impact of present or future ecological, material, energetic, and/or societal limits on computing. These topics are seldom discussed in contemporary computing research. The medium-term aim of the workshop is to foster concrete research, potentially of an interdisciplinary nature, that innovates on technologies, techniques, and contexts for computing within fundamental limits. A longer-term goal is to build a community around relevant topics and research, with LIMITS 2015 constituting the inaugural meeting. A goal of this community is to impact society through the design and development of computing systems in the abundant present for use in a future of limits and/or scarcity.