Presenting our work at ICT4S- Nominated for the Best Paper Award

Somya Joshi and I had a really great time discussing and writing up this paper that was nominated for the best paper award! We did not win the award but Somya won the best paper presentation award after she did an awesome presentation of our paper : On Fairness & Sustainability: Motivating Change in the Networked Society.

Abstract . Caught between the infinite promise unleashed by technology proliferation and the unprecedented scale of resource depletion, waste and inequity, we inhabit a space where critical alternatives are sought more than ever. As a reflection of the above, we find in HCI, a slant towards technological quick-fixes to existing sustainability problems, as opposed to a more holistic approach that includes behavioural and societal change. It is within this context that this paper is situated, where we propose a socio-ecological approach and argue our case for a life-cycle lens towards building systems that are in line with our current understanding of the earth’s finite resources. We do so by presenting an illustrative case study of what such critical alternatives might look like, by examining the Fairphone movement. We contribute to a deeper understanding of how social value laden enterprises along with open technological design can shape sustainable relationships between our environment and us.