What a great workshop! OK, it was super late, the workshop started at 23.00 CET but what a committed and engaged group of people. Excellent organization, compelling discussions, and great activity on Miró. My colleague Sharon Lindberg and I presented our position paper on Teaching Tech Ethics in Practice which we would like to further discuss so we can develop our ideas on how to teach ethics for students in computer science and human-computer interaction. 

A list of all the accepted position papers is available here:

Many thanks to:

  • Ajit G. Pillai (The University of Sydney)

  • A. Baki Kocaballi (University of Technology Sydney)

  • Tuck Wah Leong (University of Technology Sydney)

  • Rafael A. Calvo (Imperial College London)

  • Nassim Parvin (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Katie Shilton (University of Maryland College Park)

  • Jenny Waycott (University of Melbourne)

  • Casey Fiesler (University of Colorado Boulder)

  • John C. Havens (The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems)

  • Naseem Ahmadpour (The University of Sydney)