Peer-reviewed international journals articles and book chapters

Knutsson, O., Cerratto Pargman, T., Severinson Eklundh, K. and Westlund, S. (2007). Designing and developing a language environment for second language writers. Computers and Education. An International Journal. Volume 49 Issue 4. (pp. 1122-1146). Oxford:Elsevier. PDF

Karlström, P., Lindström, H., Knutsson, O., Cerratto-Pargman, T. (2007). Tool mediation in Focus on Form activities: Case studies in a grammar-exploring environment. The Journal of EUROCALL: ReCall. An International journal on technologies and language learning.  Volume 19, part 1, (pp 39-56). Cambridge University Press.

Peer-reviewed articles presented in international conferences and workshops

Cerratto Pargman,T.;  Knutsson, O.; and Karlström, P. (2007). Towards a critical definition of digital competence in second language learning. Position paper presented at the Workshop Interaction Design in Pedagogical Practice, Haninge, Sweden. Unpublished peer-reviewed manuscript.