Peer-reviewed international journals articles and book chapters

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Peer-reviewed articles presented in international conferences and workshops

Cerratto-Pargman (2014). A European strand of Sustainable HCI? Position paper presented at NordiCHI 2014. http://hci4s.wordpress.com. PDF

Cerratto-Pargman, T. Rossitto, C. and Barkhuus, L. ( 2014). Understanding Audience Participation in an Interactive Theatre Performance. In Proceedings of NordiCHI 2014. Fun, Fast Foundational. Helsinki October, 26-30. Finland. ACM Press. PDF

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Cerratto Pargman,T; Knutsson, O., Feldt, T.; Näslund, A. ( 2014). The use of social annotations tools in higher education. Fourth International Conference Designs for Learning. Stockholm. May 6th to 9th of  2014.http://www.designsforlearning.nu/conference/

Cerratto Pargman,T; Knutsson, O., Spikol, D.; Milrad, M.; Otero, N. and Ramberg, R. (2014). Exploring Teachers’ perspectives on the use of Mobile devices for Math and Language Learning. Fourth International Conference Designs for Learning. Stockholm. May 6th  to 9th of  2014. http://www.designsforlearning.nu/conference/