Master Level

I am the program director for the Master on Design for Creative and Immersive Technologies

I am the course responsible for:  Introduction to Design for Creative and Immersive technologies (15 ECTS).

Ph D Level

I was responsible for the following doctoral courses I partly developed:

Spring 2011. Interaction Design, Multimodality and Learning. Course given in cooperation with Prof. Selander from DOPA/SU (Pedagogy and Didactic Institution). The course counted with the presence of Gunther Kress, London and Jonas Löwgren, Malmö University. The course description is available here: http://tessy.blogs.dsv.su.se/2011/05/12/doctoral-course-interaction-design-multimodality-and-learning/

Spring 2010. Mobile Learning. I developed the course as a reading course which consisted of discussing the book Mobile Learning: Structures, Agency, Practices published by Pachler, N.; Bachmair, B. and Cook, J. in 2010. The course counted on the presence of more than 10Ph D coming from different Swedish universities. Adobe connect was used for remote participants. The course consisted of attending three lectures given by the authors of the book – Norbert Pachler, University of London; Ben Bachmair, University of Kassel, Germany and John Cook, University of the West of England- ; discussing the 15 chapters, some of them together with the authors of the book who were physically present in the course and writing an individual essay which consisted of the examination. The course description is available here:

Spring 2005. Interaction, Cognition and CSCL, together with Prof Michael Baker, from CNRS, France. I together with Prof Robert Ranberg from DSV, applied for funding   Prof. Baker’s visit. The three of us contributed to develop the course. http://ww.dsv.su.se/research/kogc/Kurser/Baker-kurs/baker-kurs.html

Spring 2001 and Spring 2002. Theoretical Perspectives in Human-computer interaction, together with Prof. Henrik Artman from KTH. http://www.nada.kth.se/%7Etessy/lecture_template.html

Bachelor Level 

I was responsible for the Bachelor Programmes “Information and communication technology” (IKT) and “ Interaction Design” between 2007-2010. In 2009, I lead the group, which worked with developing one bachelor program from the IKT program into the interaction design program. I lead thus the group to create the content and the new format to the new bachelor program on interaction design.

I am currently course responsible and teacher for the following courses:

 1. Advanced Human-computer interaction (HCI)” (7,5hp) since spring term 2009, winter term 2009, spring 2010, winter 2010, spring 2011, winter 2011, winter 2012, winter 2014. Ca 1200 lecture hours.

The Advanced HCI, which traditionally was an individual and optional course for students attending diverse bachelor programs at DSV was transformed in 2012 as it was included as an obligatory course in the bachelor interaction design program. I developed the whole course that I based on a prior doctoral course I organized at KTH with my colleague Henrik Artman (http://www.hmi.kth.se/Courses/HMI656.html)

I currently teach in the following bachelor courses:

2-“Cognitive psychology in human computer interaction” (Kognitionspsykologi inom MDI), (7,5 hp) ca 90 lecture hours. I am supervisor and examiner of the course.

3-“Participatory Design” (Deltagande Design), (7,5 hp), 100 lecture hours

4- “Behavior and Social Sciences”(Beteende och socialvetenskap). (7,5 hp),100 lh.

I am lecturer, literature seminar leader and examiner. I was particularly involved in the development of the theme of this year’s course : sustainable interaction design.

Past international master courses I was responsible since 2003-

Collaborative Computing” (7,5 hp) – since Spring term 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. ca 1350 lh.

I wholly developed the course that came to replace Professor Palme’s course on computer-mediated communication in the international master program Engineering interactive systems given together with KTH. Research seminars where the students had full responsibility on one research theme were integrated. Students were demanded to research a specific theme within the field of Computer supported cooperative work in order present for the rest of the course the material and knowledge gained. I also developed new individual assignments, which demanded students to conduct a mini empirical study or a system evaluation with the aim to apply specific concepts or methods discussed during the course. I was lecturer, seminar leader and examiner in this the course.

Methodology for Interaction Design” (7,5hp) since winter term 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. Ca 1200 lh.

I wholly developed this course that did not exist before at DSV. It was part of the interactional master program Engineering interactive systems given together with KTH. I selected the methods, created the design project –context of the application of the interaction design methods- the examination form. In the last versions of the course I also included literature seminars to ensure the theoretical underpinnings of the methods during the course. I was lecturer, seminar leader and examiner in this the course.

Past bachelor courses I was responsible since 2003

“Interaktionsdesign metoder” (7,5hp) sedan vt 2008, ht 2008, ht 2010, ht 2011, 2012. Ca 900 lh.

This course was based on Methodology for Interaction Design. I fully developed the Swedish version and I adapted the content to students attending second year of the“Data och systemvetenskap (kandidat) program”. I was lecturer, seminar leader and examiner in this the course.

Designteori och kreativa metoder”, (9hp) since ht 2004, ht 2005, ht 2006, ht 2008. ca 800 lh.

I developed the theoretical part of the course. I was lecturer and examiner in this the course.

Projektarbetet “(7,5 hp) ht 2007, vt 2009, ht 2010. Ca 450 lh

I was responsible and examiner in the course.

Webbdesign” (7,5 hp) ht 2008. Ca 5 lh

I was administrative responsible for the course while my colleague Lena Norberg was lecturing and examiner of the course.

Other courses I have participated in as lecturer, examiner and/or seminar leader were:

“Människa-dator interaction” (6 hp), vt 2003, ht 2004, ht 2005. Ca 60 lt

“IT-stödd mänsklig kommunikation (4,5 hp), ht 2004, ht 2005, ca 40 lt

“AI och kongnitionsvetenskap” (7,5 hp) vt 2003, ca 20 lt

“Datorförmedlad information” (4,5 hp) vt 2004, ca 20 lt

“Cognitive and Social Sciences” since (6hp) ht 2004, ht 2005, ca 40 lt

Beteende och socialvetenskap (7,5 hp) vt 2012, ca 10 lt.

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